The Best WordPress PROTECTION Against HACKERS!

Never experience the gut wrenching feeling when you see the message “Hacked by“ ”

WordPress Security keeps tireless watch over your website 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. ”

wordpress-hacked-byNever before have website owners using the WordPress platform been so vulnerable to cyber attacks than they are today. Tens of thousands of Australian websites are hacked by online criminal gangs every day, hell bent on trying to break your website, gaining access to valuable data about you and your customers.

Before I developed my eXtreme Security system, I hated having to contact a client with the devastating news that a hacker had gained access to their website and stolen all of their customers details. The instant panic I could hear in the voices broke my heart as they too came to terms that they would have to contact all their clients with the news that their details had been stolen by a criminal WordPress hacker. How would they explain that they hadn’t protected their customers valuable details against these criminals?

If they’re lucky the hacker may have just been a teenager on a fun trip to see how many websites they could force themselves into. But, it may have been an organised criminal gang, looking at gaining access to customers personal details to later sell to other criminal gangs. And the cost to repair a hacked website can range from a few hundred dollars to many thousands of dollars.

I wanted to help my WordPress clients, so in February last year my WordPress security team leader developed a simple WordPress security system that not only was easy for us to install and setup, but would be affordable to everyone. Then in July 2014 we offered the eXtreme WordPress Security system to our existing clients.

In September we installed more than 350 eXtreme WordPress systems and I am proud that none of these protected websites have been successfully stopped by a hacker.

I am so confident in our WordPress protection package we are now offering it to the general WordPress owner. Now you too can get excess to our exclusive WordPress security system. Check out the details below and if we convince you that our eXtreme WordPress security system is a must for you, please use our order form below.

Steve Szasz – Managing Director

Could you afford being sued by a customer because a hacker stole their details?

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WordPress website security is no longer something you can do without. 6 out of 10 WordPress websites will be HACKED this year.
If you don’t secure your WordPress website now, you will be one of the 6…guaranteed!

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