We are Google Friendly SEO professionals with more than 550 completed SEO projects and a traffic growth rate close to 77%

Now you're probably wondering how do we do it...?

By utilising the most powerful search engine on the internet ever.

Google the GOLIATH search engine that can make or break your online business.
If your website isn't Google Friendly you have no chance at all of succeeding chance!


Get your website Google SEO Friendly For Only $375

Despite what you may have heard, you don't have to spend $1000's to make friends with Google.
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Despite what you may have heard, you dn't have to spend $1000's to get in the good books of Google.

We have been successfully helping Australian WordPress clients succeed online since August of 1999. We know what it takes to rank websites on the Google search engine.

One of the most asked questions I get asked is, “why can’t anyone find my website on Google?” Our one and only answers is always “Because Google thinks your website sucks and they don’t want to reward you with a good listing”.

You have to show Google that you are a serious website owner and you are willing to tow the Google line and give Google what Google wants. It’s as simple as that! Don’t do that and Google will not reward you.
Despite what you may have heard, you dn’t have to spend $1000’s to get in the good books of Google.

Unlike most SEO companies we don’t use shady Black Hat SEO techniques or outsource the work to some far flung offshore SEO company. We use legitimate, Google friendly WordPress SEO techniques and we have for more than 20 years and I know we can help you right now.

The good news is that Google friendly SEO isn’t as scary as you may think and for a relatively low cost, we can help you get your WordPress website out from obscurity and start seriously driving traffic to your website.

Our Google Friendly SEO is a package where we take your website and prepare it to be picked up by Google. We take a step by step process and give Google exactly what it wants. No more wondering why you can’t be found in Google and it only has to be done once and it’s set and forget.

Google has a set of SEO requirements that if not adhered to will jeopardise your ability to rank in the Google index. We know those requirements and we give them exactly what they want, when they want it.

But if you want to do it yourself you can do a search on Google for the search term “WordPress search engine optimisation” and read everything you can about it, or you could hire and know that professional Google SEO experts has set your website up for Google success.

Our Google Friendly SEO package has a one time cost of $345. No on-going contracts and no fine print. By paying this one time fee, we prepare your website to be Google friendly and you reap the rewards.

Check out the benefits of our Google Friendly package:

Our Google SEO Process

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Our team of Wordpress experts will run a website scan to find the SEO vulnerabilities and areas in your website that will let you down when the Googlebot visits your website next. This scan gives our team an insight into how Google Friendly your website actually is. Most website owners think their sites are fine but studies show that more than 90% of Wordpress websites are poorly optimised and setup for Google.

After the initial SEO Scan our team members will take the results and proceed on a step by step process of making your website Google Friendly. This will include adding Premium SEO plugins, sitemaps, robots.txt files and Google verification codes. We leave nothing to chance and our preparation is thorough.

Google makes it so easy for us to do a fantastic job for you and your website. We stick to a bulletpoint plan from setting up Google Analytics properly for optimised analytics and statistics. You will learn exactly how many people visit your site, when they came and even when they left. We will provide you with valuable data, allowing you to take the results and optimise your online marketing. Code will be added to your site to allow for Google's Tag manager tool. This tools allows website owners to setup custom dimensions and elements to even track downloads and ecommerce purchases. Lastly, we help get your website authorised and verified with Google search console. It used to be called Google webmaster Tools and is full of helpful titbits like what keywords people are using to find your website to submitting your sitemap and web pages.

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