Google Friendly SEO


We are Google Friendly SEO professionals with more than 550 completed SEO projects and a traffic growth rate close to 77%.

Now you’re probably wondering how do we do it…?  We do it by utilizing the most popular and most powerful search engine on the internet “Google”.

Google is the GOLIATH search engine that can make or break your online business.  If your website is not Google Friendly you have very little chance of succeeding online… Very Little!”


Despite what you may have heard, you don’t have to spend thousands of Dollars $$$$ to be good friends with Google.  By utilizing our Google Friendly SEO Package, you get everything you will ever need for a one time fee of $375.  

Despite what you may have heard, you don’t have to spend $1000’s to get in the good books of Google.

Why should I make sure my website is Google friendly?

80% of all the visitors to your website will be referred by the search results of the Google search engine.  If your Website is not Google-Friendly, Google will try as much as possible to hide your website from the Juicy 1st Page traffic. 

Do you think they are going to care if you succeed or not? Never, why would they? They have many, many other websites that have respected them enough to make sure they are Google friendly. They have put in the time and effort to make sure their websites give Google what it needs to be the greatest search engine of all time. If you don’t share Googles philosophy of providing the very best web experience, you are going to be left behind.

Make your Website Google Friendly and watch you organic traffic rise!

How come you know how to make my website Google Friendly?

We have been in the Search Engine Optimization Business for more than 15 years and we are very good friends with Google. Google has made our business, we know and respect the fact that being good friends with Google has allowed my company to grow year in and year out. WP Clinic is always asking Google how we can make it even easier for them to get more information about ours and our clients websites.

It costs nothing to ask how we can help you with Google!


  • Website Scan

    Our team of WordPress experts will run a website scan to find the SEO vulnerabilities and areas in your website that will let you down when the Googlebot visits your website. This scan gives our team an insight into how Google Friendly your website actually is. Most website owners think their sites are fine, but studies show that more than 65% of WordPress websites are poorly optimized and setup for Google.

  • Google Friendly Preparation

    After the initial SEO Scan our team members will take the results and proceed on a step by step process of making your website Google Friendly. This will include adding Premium SEO plugins sitemaps robots.txt files and Google verification codes. We leave nothing to chance and our preparation is thorough.

  • Google Analytics Setup

    Google makes it so easy for us to do a fantastic job for you and your website. We stick to a bulletpoint plan from setting up Google Analytics properly for optimized analytics and statistics. You will learn exactly how many people visit your site when they came and even when they left. We will provide you with valuable data allowing you to take the results and optimize your online marketing.

  • Google search console

    Lastly we help get your website authorized and verified with Google search console. It used to be called Google webmaster Tools and is full of helpful titbits like what keywords people are using to find your website to submitting your sitemap and web pages.



Google Friendly SEO

Google Friendly SEO

For Business websites. Ensure your Website follows every single On-Site SEO Guidelines provided by Google.
$375 One Time Fee
  • Code & HTML Optimization
  • Google My Business Registration
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Keyword Optimization for Every Page
  • HTML Code Validation
  • Keyword Optimized Content Generation
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