WordPress Backup & Restore Service

WordPress Backup & Restore Service

The new scheduled secure offsite backup and restore service.

As a web design company we have learned how devastating an issue it is for WordPress website owners when they are attacked and infected by a Hacker. More so, when the security breach is so severe that it causes irreversible damage to a website. We have personally witnessed and seen these horror stories and often website owners are left with no alternative but to start again from scratch and have their websites re-designed. What’s most unfortunate thing about this all is how simple a solution would be if someone had made some a website backup before the hacker attacked.

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Fast, simple and reliable backups of your WordPress website including databases, images, plugins, themes and Pages.


You can restore your website or database to any previous backup version. You can download a zip of the backup contents at any time.


Never worry again about how you can recover incase of a major attack on your website. Download the backup folder and restore it back to the original in 4 easy steps.


Because we know that sometimes your own web hosting storage may not be the right place to store a secure backup, we also send off a copies to our secure WordPress storage hubs in every major city in Australia.

Unfortunately, backups are often the last resort for a website owner. Not intentionally, but because they just don’t think about it or are not educated on its importance.

Because of this, we have introduced and released a new WordPress product for all our clients – Full offsite website backups and restores.

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Scheduled WordPress Offsite Website Backups

Our website backup solution is designed to provide every one of our storage clients peace of mind in knowing, no matter what happens to your website, you have a safe and clean backup to restore your site back to new.

happy customer after we repaired hacked wordpressNo longer do WordPress owners have to worry about what will happen if your website is hacked or damaged so bad, it needs replacing. Our Offsite WordPress Backup service is second to none and the only website backup and storage solution you will ever need.

Our offsite WordPress Backup service a very low $65 setup and first complete backup. Then an even lower $7 per on-going scheduled backup fee.

We can also help you if you need to restore your site after hack attack or you are moving your website to another location or hosting company. Our relocate or transfer WordPress details here.

Don’t put it off any longer, you will thank yourself when you get the first email from our Support team telling you we have stored a backup of your website. Then when ever you need it, we will provide you with a clean, Malware free copy of your website.


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