eXtreme Wordpres Security

Over 250 WordPress sites secured from HACKERS last month!

We are so excited about providing our WordPress malware security system to you, it’s so extreme Hackers won’t be bothering you again.

Our website security system takes away the gut wrenching fear of suddenly finding your website’s been hacked and no longer seen online.

Once installed and setup by one of our WordPress Malware Security professionals you can relax in knowing your site is totally protected against any online attack.

With Extreme WordPress Security we not only put high walls in the way of any unsuspecting HACKER, we also backup your site using our state of the art, complete website backup and restoration system. So even if a determined HACKER is able to deface or shutdown your website, we can have it up and running at 100% with in an hour or two of being notified of the attack.

Our security procedure puts and end to these:

  • Most successful attacks are done on your WordPress login page. We will protect your login page from this assault.
  • 100% of all successful hacker attacks will leave malicious code on your website. We will scan and remove any Malware we find.
  • Out of date scripts and plugins make it easy for Hackers to attack your site. We will update every script and plugin activated on your site.
  • Hackers will search for script vulnerabilities and then attack relentlessly. We add no less than 12 different blockers to stop these attacks in their tracks.
  • Hackers look for your sites configurations files to find easy ways to attack your site. We hide them and make them invisible to a hacker.
  • A hacker will try to bring your site down or deface it making it useless. We will schedule regular complete site backups and in the event that your site is defaced or deemed useless, we can restore your website back to it’s original state within hours.

Website Repair & Restore
In the worst case scenario of a very determined hacker has taken your website down, we can have you back online within hours for a very small restoration fee of $65.

With our Extreme WordPress security system you can continue your daily job of building and profiting from your business knowing we are keeping your website and online assets safe from the prying eyes of an evil HACKER.

To have us install the Extreme WordPress Security system, send us an install request by filling in as much detail as possible on our contact form here. Please provide our WordPress security team with as much detail about your website as possible. If you are uncomfortable in providing these details over the internet, please call our team leaders Mobile on 0466 369466 during business hours.

We do guarantee our product and if your website is hacked after our system has been installed on your website, we will fix and restore it free of charge. This free restoration offer is only valid if you have regularly updated WordPress core files, plugins and theme files. Plus changed your WP Login password every three months with a new 12 digit password.

We cannot be held responsible if you have not made every attempt to protect your website yourself. We can install an extreme security system to help keep the hackers out, but unless you follow up this security with regular updating, you may as well leave your website unlocked and invite hackers to break it.

Please call me on 0466 369466 or just