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Setting up a brand new WordPress website can be a stressful experience, especially if you don’t know what you’re actually doing. And sure WordPress is one of the simplest blogging platforms to install and it normally only takes a couple of steps to install, but before you start, ask yourself…

  • Is it really worth doing it myself?
  • Will I save any money doing it yourself, what if I stuff it up?
  • Do I know enough to setup the MYSQL database?
  • What about installing and activating a search engine friendly theme?
  • Can I complete basic SEO myself?
  • What plugins will I need to install?

Simple questions to answer, but difficult to put into practice if you’re not an experienced web developer. You might be the best business manager in Australia, the world maybe, but a web developer you are not. So chances are, you will make a mess of it and have to call us anyway to help you.

This is were we can help. My team are highly skilled WordPress Geeks trained in all things Internet. Their job is to help you and from as little as $95 one of my team members will install the latest version of WordPress on your web hosting server, ready for you to pick up and run. Everything is done for you, we can even install and setup a custom theme for you, saving even more time and money. You don’t need to worry about whether you have set the website up right.

We do everything for you and we guarantee that once you have received our confirmation of the installation being complete, your new WordPress site will be setup properly, ready for you to add your flair to.

We have 2 WordPress installation packages, Basic installations and Premium. Below you will see what you can expect from each package.

Basic WordPress Installation $95Premium WordPress Installation $295

The basic package is for the business owner or blogger who just wants a simple WordPress install, knowing it was done properly. No mistakes or mess-ups and more importantly…NO STRESS.

  1. WordPress Install
  2. Theme Install
  3. Administrator setup
  4. Hacker Security
  5. SEO Plugin setup
  6. Spam protection
  7. Email contact form

This package is for the website owner who wants the complete website package ready for development. This Premium package includes everything including the first 12 months of WordPress web hosting and a SSL certificate to keep Google and your visitors happy. Normally a package like this would cost $535 but now if you take up this offer, you get it for $295, Here’s what you get…

  1. WordPress Install
  2. WordPress Web Hosting
  3. SSL Certificate
  4. Theme Install
  5. Administrator setup
  6. Hacker Security
  7. SEO Advanced Setup
  8. Google Analytics Statistics
  9. Spam protection
  10. Email contact form
  11. Daily Site Backups

To contact us about our installation packages please call our customer support on 0466 369466 during business hours or use our online support request from.

  • WordPress Install
    Installation olf all the core files within the free Wordpress download, including default themes and plugins.
  • 1 Year Web Hosting
    Includes 1 year of Wordpress specific web hosting. Our hosting was designing specifically to cater for Wordpress website. No only is it robust enough to handle a large site, but our servers are also some of the fastest on the net.
  • 1 Year SSL Certificate
    Includes an SSL certificate registered for 1 year, renewable at the end of that year. SSL certificates are visual and digital signs that you care about the safe experience a user has on your website. Add to that, that Google now requires that all business websites within their index must have an SSL installed.
  • Theme Install
    One of the greatest features of Wordpress is the ability to add pre=made themes. In this package we will install and make minor design changes making it ready for owner to add content.
  • Administrator setup
    We will make sure that you have the correct role management on your website. As an administrator you will have acces to all the functions and features of your Wordpress website.
  • Security Against Hackers
    Criminal hackers are the biggest outside threat to your website. We will install 2 gateway security plugins to help fight against hacker intrusions.
  • SEO Plugin Optimisation
    Building your website is one thing, SEO (search engine optimisation) is a vital step in the way you get you message out into the world. What is the point of having a website if no one is going to find it in Google. Our SEO setup help Google find your site with hours not days or weeks.
  • SPAM Protection
    No one likes getting spam comments on their websites promoting Viagra and porn. We help the fight against this Spam attack by installing one of the internets best Spam fighters.
  • Email Contact Forms
    Online email forms make it easier for your website visitors to contact you with their questions.
  • Daily Website Backups
    You can now backup your website at the end of each day knowing it is safe and sound until you start work on it again in the morning.
  • Premium $295
    This package is normally $535 but todays for you it is only $295 thats a saving of $240

Please call me on 0466 369466 or just