WordPress Update and Backup Package

Why Keep Your Websites Up To Date?

Keeping your WordPress website updated with all the latest plugins and themes increases page load speed and performance.

WordPress owners who do not update their websites regularly get hacked 10 times more often than those that do.

Regular plugin and theme updates can help you keep your website safe from criminal HACKERS.

WordPress plugin and theme developers are always updating their scripts, adding new features or making them more secure against the malicious hackers.

Google will de-index your websites from their search engine if you get hacked or they deem your site unsafe because of the lack of care.

If you ignore these updates, you are running the risk of having your website Hacked, costing you many hundreds of dollars to fix, but even more important is the fact that if you do get Hacked and blacklisted by Google, all your hard work and money of getting your website developed will be a waste of time.

It’s more important than ever to make sure you prevent being hacked! Making sure all your plugins, themes and WordPress core files are all updated to the latest versions is the one thing you can do today to help in the WAR against the HACKERS.

— Shawn Daley

Check out our Update and Security Packages

If making sure your website is fully updated is something that you can’t or don’t want to do yourself, WordPress Clinic now offers all it’s clients a cheap alternative to doing it yourself and our full update and security packages start from as little as $0.83 cents per day.

We can do all the updates for you. You just relax knowing your website is being regularly updated with the latest secure versions of all it’s plugins and scripts.

And if you have our security systems installed you can rest assured our professional WordPress techitians will be monitoring and updating as required to keep your website safe and sound. We only install the very best security plugins and practice the very best WordPress and server optimisation solutions.

You have 3 update and security packages to choose from. Starting from our $0.83 cent per day Basic Update Package for small online business up to our $6 per day Update and Security Package for medium to large online businesses.

We have made subscribing to any of our packages extremely easy. Select the package that best suits your needs and click Buy Now and pay through PayPal Australia. You don’t need a Paypal account, only an approved creditcard, You can unsubscribe or upgrade to a higher package at anytime.

— Fionna Tesla

You can rest assured that your website will always be safe and update with any of our packages.

You really can’t afford not to regularly update your WP website. It only takes one vulnerability in one old plugin to start a chain reaction that can only end in your website spending time offline and you having to spend to get it fixed. Isn’t a few dollars a month worth the reassurance of knowing your website is up to date and STRONG.

Update & Backup Package Pricing

  • WordPress Monitoring
    We monitor your website 24/7 for Wordpress, themes and plugin developer updates.
  • Core File Updates
    Whenever the core files are updated by the Wordpress developers we will update your website to the latest and safest version.
  • All Plugin Updates
    Whenever the plugins are updated by their Wordpress developers we will update your website to the latest and safest versions.
  • Plugin Conflict Check
    Conflicts between new and existing plugins can produce errors and slow down your site, we look for those conflicts and report to you with recommendations..
  • Website Safety Check
    We complete a full webste safety check looking for vulnerabilities witin your site that may allow hackers to gain access and cause you issues.
  • Themes Updates
    Whenever the themes are updated by their Wordpress developers we will update your website to the latest and safest versions.
  • WordPress Security
    To help combat against criminal hacker attacks on your website our technicians will install and setup Wordfence Security and the Login Lockout plugins. Both plugins are know for their robust securiy credentials.
  • Website Backups
    Usu nulla dissentias at asvini. Nam ei facer probatus.

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