Authorization to Commence Work on Website/Web Hosting

The client will engage Stephen Szasz of WP Clinic, a WordPress website design company, located in Old Noarlunga South Australia for the purpose of this engagement will be for the design, development, repair or website hosting of the clients website.

The client will provide Administive rights to the WordPress website or web hosting CPanel to Stephen Szasz of WP Clinic to administer, change or modify the content/pages, posts or images based on the needs and instructions of the client. These administration rights can not be terminated or removed until all current and outstanding invoices are paid and received in full and a written email request to Stephen Szasz of WP Clinic to cease his involvement on all works completed or not completed on the clients website or web hosting account.

WP Clinic Products Covered By This Agreement

  • Website design and development
  • Website Maintenance
  • Website Repairs/Updates
  • Web Hosting & Backups
  • WordPress Security
  • Domain Name Management
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Website marketing

Our Charges

For all work completed by WP Clinic on a clients website an hourly fee of $72 will apply unless already quoted on or a special hourly rate has already been negotiated. A minimum charge of $24 for the first 20 minutes, $48 for the first 40 minutes and then $72 for the first one hour.

Any quotation that will take longer than the minimum 20 minutes will be charged at our minimum rate of $24. Any estimations under 20 minutes will be free.

All charges are final and payable once the job is complete and receipt of a WP Clinic dated Invoice. If invoices are more than 30 days overdue a $25 late fee will apply. Outstanding invoices more than 60 days overdue will attract a $50 late fee and the possibility that any work completed on an outstanding invoice will be reversed and removed. This may include any Malware, custom design or backups completed during any un-paid completed and invoiced works.

Website Hosting and Website Backups

Clients whose websites are hosted by our companies (WP Clinic or Picassoe Webpage Design)are responsible for their own website management and regular site backups. It is suggested that you run regular backups in-case of a web server crashes (web server stops operating) or hacker attacks.

We do provide within the CPanel environment, backup facilities and clients should familiarise themselves with this function immediately on finalising your web hosting. We do daily backups of all our clients sites, but this can not be relied upon in-case we have a problem with our web server backup facility.

If you are a website backup and update service client, we are responsible for all backups and we will reinstate the latest backup after a site crash or hacker attack within 24 hours of the site going offline. In most cases we will have your website back online with hours of being notified of a problem. This service is available here:

CPanel URL & Login Username and Password

After purchasing web hosting with us, you will be sent your CPanel URL and login details by email. If you do not receive these details within 4 hours after purchasing your web hosting, please contact our Accounts Manager at and we will email them to you.

Last Updated 29/9/2016