Website already HACKED?

Your website has just been HACKED and you need help NOW?

We can have your site up and running smoothly exactly as it was before you were attacked.  And usually within an hour or two after getting a “Request to fix” notification from you.

Our service is quick and inexpensive.  Simply click the “Fix My Website” button below to start the process.

We fix and repair hacked WordPress websites in Adelaide and we can fix yours today!

happy customer after we repaired hacked wordpress

WordPress has quickly become the must have content management system for website owners and web development firms all over the world.

WordPress CMS is free to use and a risk from hacker attacks

WordPress is mostly free to use with 1,000’s of free plugins to extend its functionality.  But WordPress is vulnerable to being hacked and there isn’t much you can do about it unless you can take extreme measures to keep a determined hacker out.

1000s of  WordPress websites are hacked every week in Australia, no one really knows why and most website owners have no idea what to do when they get a message on their homepages saying “YOU’VE BEEN HACKED“. Even worse, they get a message from their web host stating the site has been taken offline because of Malware left by a hacker.

Has your website been just been HACKED and you have no idea how and why a hacker would want to destroy your website? Or has your website account been blacklisted by Google, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or web host reported a Malware attack page and wants to take your site offline?

We fix hacked WordPress websites and we can help you today!

We help WordPress owners everyday with all sorts of WordPress issues. Hacked websites is just another problem owners have to deal with. We can help you, just like we have for 100o’s of other Adelaide business owners with WordPress websites.

And then once we have fixed your hacked website, we can also offer you an on-going site security service called Extreme WordPress Security to help you keep all the important functions and content of your WordPress website protected.

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