WordPress Maintenance Service

This Service is critical for the success of your Website

Keeping your website in good working condition, updated regularly, and error-free creates a much better user experience for your Website users. This kind of care also improves the performance of your website which leads to improved sales.

Our Maintenance Services Checklist

24/7/365 Website Monitoring

The service includes 24/7/365 uptime monitoring. If your site goes down, our team will get a warning notification to bring it back online. The maintenance services are provided 12 months from the date of purchase.

Getting Rid of 404's

We will monitor both internal and external links making sure they lead where they are supposed to. A broken link is one of the most irritating things a website user can face. It is also a leading factor in Poor SEO.

Monthly Reports

On the last business day of the month, we'll send you a detailed report that highlights all tasks completed during the month. There you can check the month-to-month performance progress of your site.

Weekly Website Backups

Sometimes pages are lost, or some functionality might suddenly fall apart; Weekly backups can help restore a fully functional copy of your website in a few clicks. Backups are stored on Offsite storage facilities.

Domain & Hosting Renewals

Being a solopreneur can have an unexpected result. Imagine that you miss an email about the expiration of your domain or hosting. This can have a devastating effect on your business. We'll make sure this never happens.

Website Health Check

We'll do health checks of your website to make sure its performance is intact, this includes checking all pages for various types of errors/warnings, & SSL certificate loads on all pages, and that the performance is at its best.

Keeping Your Website Up-to-Date

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Google Friendly SEO

Google Friendly SEO

For Business websites. Ensure your Website follows every single On-Site SEO Guidelines provided by Google.
$375 One Time Fee
  • Code & HTML Optimization
  • Google My Business Registration
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Keyword Optimization for Every Page
  • HTML Code Validation
  • Keyword Optimized Content Generation
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