WordPress Plugin And Theme Update Package

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eXtreme WordPress Update & Security Package

Keep your website secure and optimised for increased speed and performance,

Regular Plugin and Theme Update Package HACKERS target websites that do not regularly updated to the latest versions of WordPress, plugins and themes. And one of the riskiest practices a WordPress website owner can adhere to is to not make regular updates to these scripts.

WordPress plugin and theme developers are always updating their scripts, adding new features or making them more secure against the malicious Hackers. paypal-monthly-update1If you ignore these updates, you are running the risk of having your website Hacked, costing you many hundreds of dollars to fix, but even more important is the fact that if you do get Hacked and blacklisted by Google, all your hard work and money of getting your website developed will be a waste of time.

Best $65 I have ever spent. Shawn Daley

It’s more important now to prevent being hacked and making sure all your plugins, themes and WordPress itself is updated to the latest versions.

If making sure your website is fully updated is a daunting job, WP Clinic offers it’s clients a cheap and full update and security package for as little as $65 per month.

We will do all the updating for you and you can just relax knowing that your site is using the latest secure versions of all it’s scripts. And you can relax knowing that our professional WordPress techs will be installing the very best WordPress security system available.

To make subscribing to our eXtreme WordPress Update & Security Package even easier and cheap, we have partnered with PayPal Australia, who have setup a fantastic recurring payment system just for us. Instead of receiving a monthly reminder invoice from WP Clinic, you will have $65 per month deducted automatically from your credit card and a receipt will be emailed to you for your accounts. Nothing could be easier!

I was Hacked 4 times before I got this package and now the Hackers are gone. Fionna Tesla

You can rest assured that your Update package is paid for and up to date and we have been paid to continue keeping your website updated with all the security and functional updates making you WordPress website safer, faster and brand spanking new!

You really can’t afford not to regularly update your WP website. It only takes one vulnerability in one old plugin to start a chain reaction that can only end in your website spending time offline and you having to spend to get it fixed. Isn’t $65 per month worth the reassurance of knowing your website is strong and could withstand anything it has to face.

What you can expect in our package:

  • 24/7 Plugin and WordPress monitoring
  • Complete WordPress version updates
  • Complete WordPress plugin updates
  • Installation of our unique Hacker Trapdoor script
  • Install and setup 2 Premium security plugins
  • Daily or weekly website and database backups

To subscribe to our eXtreme WordPress Update & Security Package, please click the button on our sales graphic above and tell our good friends at Paypal that you want to signup to this fantastic offer. Even if you decide to stop using our this service, it’s easy to stop and move on…no extra costs and no cancellation fees. You only pay for the updates you want.

Order your WordPress Update & Security Package here!

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